I add here a simple page explaining things in English, plus a list of all English recipes I post(ed) so far (from the previous and from this blog). All recipes are vegetarian, and usually also vegan (if not fully vegan I point this out). I am incurably sick and half dead, thus forced to eat plant based foods. I tried all diets out there, no one helped, more like some nearly killed me. In the end only "plant based whole foods" was left. That's all that is.

English recipe index
If you are interested in the other recipes (in Polish), the full index is here

I may or may not write an English version of my blog. I do not know if I will ever have time. So far I have a story I would like to share.

Strange dream

I had a strange dream last night. It was surreal and real at once, and it was like watching a story unfold, feeling everything what the people felt and listening to their thoughts.

During a time, one cannot say if it was the past, the present or the future, there was a poor wind ridden camp in the desert mountains of a distant country. In this camp, religious mountain rebels held captive several dozens of tourists from a rich modern country. The hostages lived already since a long time in this secluded camp, there was no contact to the outer world, nobody knew what the future would bring. The mountain rebels were rough, but simple people. The tourists were no fighters or soldiers either, just your average middle aged family types. In the camp were luckily no children, except one young mountain tribe boy, and one little daughter of a tourist family.

After the long time in captivity the girl started to play and talk with the boy, the tourists grasped some of the tribal language, as well as the mountain people started to learn the language of the modern country. The boy and the girl played as children do. Among other things the boy taught the girl how to swim. There was a small, but deep and rather long lake with clear water, and the boy was very good at swimming, diving, and especially staying a long time below water surface. This was of course part of the military drill of the mountain rebels, but the girl did not know anything of that, and just wanted to swim as good as him.

One day, after many hours spend in the water, the girl is swimming really fast, the boy sees that clearly, and he swims after her, and grabs her long red hair from behind to stop her. "Ahh, let me go stupid! "she cries in anger. "You must come with me" he replies. "I have a secret message I need to show you". "Let go of me!" she quickly turns around and dives and comes up to face him. "No way I am coming with you, just to see some of your weird poems, about a God who wants you to kill people, so you can go to the Heavens!" And she swims away in fast strokes.

He swims after her, and seeing how he cannot reach her without struggle, his lips suddenly seem to touch the ends of her locks on the water surface, like in a kiss. She jumps out of the water, and for a short moment she turns around to look at him. He stands in the lake, the water up to his knees, and the sun shines on his black locks. It looks like a strange white-blue halo around his head.

After returning to the tent the girl runs to her mother. "I know how to swim now, as good as the mountain boy!" she explains joyously. Her mother freezes for a short moment. "How often did I tell you not to go near those monsters! Those aren't humans! Those are savages who kill innocent people for no reason!" The mother is infuriated. "We may all die soon at their hands! You are not allowed to go out of the tent anymore without me, even for a moment!". The girl bows her head, and does not reply.

Meanwhile the mountain tribe boy goes back to a cave, where he is now erasing something engraved in stone. While he removes the letters one single tear rolls down his cheek. The letters, in the language of the girl's country, say "I love you".

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